Safco & Environment

SAFCO S.A. is committed to protecting the environment; using materials and energy efficiently to provide its products and services; playing a leading role in promoting best industry practices; and promoting a corporate culture whereby all SAFCO employees share this commitment. In this way, it aims at an HSE performance it can be proud of; earning the confidence of customers and society at large; and contributing to sustainable development.

SAFCO's Policy regarding hazardous waste both in the aviation facilities and in other installations is:

  • To minimise waste generation.
  • To perform suitable identification, classification and separation of waste.
  • To ensure safe transportation and disposal of waste.

Recycling List

  • Tank Drain Materials:
  • Used Vehicle Oils and Lubricants, Fuel and Vehicle Filters:
  • Vehicle Batteries, Vehicle Tyres, Hoses:
  • Paper

and other recycling materials such us plastic, e-waste, metals, spray, waste printing toner etc.