SAFCO (Spata Airport Fuelling COmpany) is a consortium created on an equity basis by BP Hellas, EKO ABEE, MOBIL Oil Hellas and Shell Hellas.

 At the moment, SAFCO’s fleet consists of 20 Dispensers and five (5) Refuellers with total fuel capacity of approximately 165m3. In addition, SAFCO provides handling for AVGAS 100LL, Aviation lubricants and Consulting on Aviation issues, such as airport fixed installations, fuelling procedures, aviation manuals etc.

SAFCO S.A. operates in accordance to JIG (Joint Inspection Group) guidelines, and uses the state-of-the-art Fuel Handling System (FHS), a fully automatic and radio linked dispatching system, directly interfaced to AIA’s Flight Information Data System (F.I.D.S).

SAFCO S.A. has adopted a systematic approach to environmental management, designed to ensure compliance with the law and achieve continuous performance improvement.