Fees , terms & policies


“SAFCO is offering to its 3rd party customers the following fees…”

Volume fee 6.20 €/m3
Attendance fee 42.30 €/visit
Over-wing 73.10 €/m3


SAFCO is built with lean and efficient structure, and has by its nature no credit or international invoicing capabilities, focused mainly to offering Into-Plane services to Airlines. The practice applied for payment of these services is Cash on Delivery, unless a Qualified Fuel Supplier has an agreement with SAFCO, undertaking to pay for the services of SAFCO to the customer.

SAFCO will honor any valid Credit Card of the following issuers:

  • Sterling Card, Flight Card, ID Card of Air BP
  • Shell Cards of SHELL Aviation

And should communicate to fuelling staff which one he will use prior to refueling.


a.Prior to the delivery of fuel, SAFCO should be notified in writing by one of the Qualified Fuel Supplier at the Airport, that it can release fuel on credit to the aircraft of the Airline/Customer holds a valid card listed in Payment Terms above.

b. Under the Basic Ground-handling Regulation (last issue) all term customers should sign a Service Agreement with Ground-handling Service providers at all Greek Airports. Single ad hoc flights of customers are exempted from this obligation. A standard contract can be forwarded on demand for signature to any term customer of SAFCO.

c. No Fuel Attendance Fee will be charged on all scheduled or pre-advised flights that do not require fuel and will only be waived upon written instructions sent at least 24 hour before, that a flight or a series of flights will not require fuel.

d. “Normal Fuelling Visit” and “Over Wing Refuelling” are considered to be “Normal Delivery Services” and are defined as follows:

  • Positioning of fuelling equipment ready for fuelling.
  • Bonding to aircraft.
  • Connecting hose/hoses to aircraft.
  • Delivery of Fuel as per Buyer’s written instructions (exclusive of operating tank valves or switches).
  • Disconnecting hoses, de-bonding cable from aircraft.

e. Operations on customer aircraft Valves + Switches will only involve the following operations:

  • Opening of aircraft fuelling bay doors and/or filler caps.
  • Operating of aircraft fuelling valves. The refuelling of aircraft shall not begin until after permitted by Buyer’s Representative.
  • Monitoring aircraft wing panel fuel gauges.
  • Closing of fuelling valves when desired quantity, according to written load instructions provided by Buyer, is reached.
  • Closing fuelling bay doors and/or filler caps.

And will only be performed after the customer has provided appropriate annual training to SAFCO staff for each type of aircraft.

f. Operations on customer aircraft Valves + Switches are only provided based on a written notice of the Qualified Fuel Supplier to SAFCO.